Saturday, November 3, 2007


Today we had our annual church picnic. I must confess that it's quite nice to live in a clime where one can have a picnic in November. The day was beautiful with blue skies, bright sunshine, and a high temperature around 70 degrees.

Wannamaker Park is only 3 miles from our apartment. The park has paved trails/bike paths as well as nature paths (i. e. watch out for the tree roots, spider webs, and mud.) Our church reserved a pavilion which was next to a volleyball court, an open field, and a horseshoe pit.

After gathering in the pavilion around noon, we sang a hymn, and then Pastor Wheeler shared a devotion and gave thanks for the food. While most people started serving themselves with the main dishes, I stationed myself at the dessert end of the tables. I do this for the theological reason that the exact moment of the rapture is uncertain; perhaps I should start a "Dessert First" cult. (or maybe not!) From a more practical perspective, I was able to recommend particular desserts to those who were uncertain about their choices. I always like to help!

The church rented a jump castle especially for the children (although I did notice some bigger "kids" in there at times. Several pairs of men played a horseshoes tournament. There were several games of volleyball also. Some of us played bocce ball. Elizabeth tried walking on stilts.

The day was a nice time of fellowship and relaxation.

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