Monday, December 24, 2007


To those of you who have spent the past month checking my blog hoping to find something witty and wonderful: I'm sorry; I've disappointed you on all counts. I haven't felt much "inspiration" for writing any entries.

Since Thanksgiving we have had a flurry of activities (about the only flurries we have here) between school and church. On December 1st, our youth group entered a float in the Hanahan Christmas Parade. Hanahan is one of the local communities. The teens prepare goodies bags that include tracts to hand out to the spectators. Abby is the angel on the left (like father, like daughter).

After Thanksgiving break, basketball season began in earnest, and Abby agreed to try cheerleading. The coach asked her if she would consider cheering. Three other girls besides Abby make up the squad, and it's not too high pressure. Here's Abby in her uniform getting a little encouragement from Elizabeth. The squad is leading a cheer at a pep rally.

Elizabeth's high school choir had the opportunity to sing at Chik-fil-A one evening prior to the school Christmas concert. Chik-fil-A sponsored a Fernadale Baptist School night, and the restaurant donated a certain percentage of all sales that evening to our school.

The school Christmas concert involved almost all students in grades 1-12. We had a good attendance by family and friends, and a clear gospel message was presented in song and speech. Abby played a guitar duet to accompany the 3rd-4th graders as they sang "Silent Night." Elizabeth and Abby played a 2-piano duet for the offertory. They also played for church.

The last performance event was the church cantata, "Herald the News." Elizabeth was the acccompaniast. We presented the cantata in the evening service (12/16) and afterwards had a wonderful time of food, folks, and fellowship.

Speaking of food, the past four weeks hasn't been all work and no play. We had our faculty/staff Christmas party on Dec. 1. We ate, played games, sang, and enjoyed great fellowship. A highlight of the party was decorating our principal, Milton Ashley.

The following Saturday evening, we had our adult Sunday School class party at the McCalls' house. Again we enjoyed excellent fellowship. The monthly teen Snac-attack was held at the Betancourts' house. The teens had a white elephant gift exchange which was quite hilarious.

Our school semester ends before Christmas which means that the high school spent the last three days of school taking exams. We had two exams each day (Wed.-Fri.), and the students left at noon each of those days. Students who had maintained an A average for the semester were exempt from the exams, so several of our students were able to begin Christmas break early. Teachers return for a work day on Jan. 4, and the students return on Jan. 7.

Our plans for the vacation involve resting and relaxing. Marti is arriving Christmas morning and spending a week with us. We will do some local sightseeing with her.

We want to wish you a wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas.